Throughout her work, Sandra Muss explores the mysteries of life, the magical characteristics of light, and the strength of the elements in her multimedia work, which ranges from large- scale paintings and assemblages to site-specific installations. Inspired by her travels to such diverse places as Bhutan, the Arctic Circle, New Zealand, China, Japan, the Nā Pali Coast in Hawaii, and the Dordogne River Valley in France, Muss transposes the ethos of a site onto her canvas with oil, paint, and found materials. Bird feathers, tortoise shells, flowers, horseshoes, building rubble, whale bones, wood, and more enhance the texture of her layered works while creating a sense of time and transformation. 


Muss assembles objects from all over the world to create large works that depict her explorations, both internal and external. The sculptures and canvases become portals into the worlds where she has journeyed. 


Sandra Muss holds a BFA from Pratt Institute and a MA in Media from the New School. Her work has been exhibited at Hollis Taggart Gallery (New York), Coral Springs Museum (Florida), Kelly Roy Gallery (Miami), New Gallery of Modern Art (Charlotte, North Carolina), and DTR Modern Galleries (Florida, Washington D.C., and Boston). In the spring of 2017, she created a site-specific sculpture at the Kreeger Museum in Washington, D.C. Her work has appeared in The Washington Post, Artnet, The Hu ngton Post, Widewalls, ArtSpeak, and Arts Summary, among others. 

She lives and works between New York City, Miami Beach, and the Berkshires.