"My body of work attempts to uncover and reinterpret the histories of disparate objects and the places they’re from. I’ve employed such materials as bird feathers, tortoise shells, stretchers, flowers, horseshoes, building rubble, whalebones, and wood, which I’ve encountered through my travels around the globe. These objects, when paired with each other – oil sticks, paint, and a sense of light – give us insight into the larger mysteries of our natural world. I weave personal reflections of my journeys into the work and represent them on canvas. The power of the sun, earth, water, and all of nature manifests itself through different combinations of color, markings, and found objects. 

My foremost collection includes work that combines painting and assemblage. I take inspiration from artists who have manipulated paint and layered different media in refreshing and challenging ways, such as Richter and Rauschenberg. I have also worked in sculpture and neon light installations. Currently, I am working on a sculptural installation entitled Ode to Damien. In the work, I reimagine Hirst’s Medicine Cabinets by replacing the many pills (and other types of Western medicine) with the various plants that define the cannabis family. Throughout all of my works, a sense of reverence for the natural world persists."

Sandra Muss